Reading Rainbows & Paper Airplanes

We had another great day today! Jon worked most of the day, so the kids and I were stuck inside while the rain poured outside. The kids are taking part in the Summer Reading program at our library, so they’ve been spending the majority of the last few days reading in 20 minute increments. To date, Laci’s in the lead having read 160 minutes so far this summer, Elijah is in second place with 140 minutes, and Jackson has been read to for 120 minutes. Elijah’s getting great practice with his reading to help him get ready for 2nd grade, and Laci is really blossoming as she begins to read entire books on her own (she’s getting herself ready for Kindergarten)! Jackson is quickly catching on to letters, words, sounds and colors (thanks to some good ole repetition) 🙂

Today, we took a break from all the reading for our “Summer of Fun” activity: making paper airplaines and having a competition to see whose airplane could fly further. I helped them fold up their airplanes (the boys got fighter jets, Laci and I had regular airplanes), then the coloring and decorating with stickers began!


The kids had so much fun flying their airplanes, and thankfully it worked out so that everyone got a chance to win! The only thing missing – their Dad! But they did get to spend some of the morning on the computer with him learning about planes (Jon LOVES planes)!

That about sums up the day 🙂 Hoping the sunshine comes back to us soon, but until then we’ll keep busy with our daily activities! I do want to take a moment to give credit to those who’ve inspired us with our family fun. Pinterest has been so amazing for sharing ideas and a few sites have been extremely instrumental in our “Summer of Fun”. Check them out for some ideas for your family!


The first one is – it’s a printable “Summer of Fun” kit. This was our foundation – we printed a weekly calendar to get us through Labor Day, and then we just taped them on a posterboard and laminated it (so we can use it again next summer)! Then, we take pre-made squares (from the printable kit) with various activities, and match them up to each day. There are also blank ones to write down your own ideas. It’s such a great way to keep us on track with having fun this summer, and it gives the kids a visual to look forward to the coming days. I had some unused cloud paper that I used to print the kit on – to give it a more summery feel since I was printing in black and white. also had awesome ideas of “100 free things to do with your kids this summer”. Lastly, we got the idea for our “Wright Family Bucket List” from on Pinterest. This is for our bigger, family adventures (that we hope to accomplish once a week), with all 5 of us.

That’s all for today 🙂 We hope you enjoy the glimpses into our “wrightadventures”; check back soon for more adventures and pictures!


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