Cloud Coverage

Today we learned about the different kinds of clouds through online research, fun activities, and watching the weather outside.

There were some great websites out there with kid-friendly info and games to teach ourselves about clouds (they’re listed at the bottom of this post).

We made a book to compile all of our findings on clouds. There’s room in the book for pictures of all the different clouds that we’ll look for this summer. Today was rainy so we took pictures of rain clouds (nimbostratus). We even had a thunderstorm today, but we couldn’t see the cumulonimbus. šŸ™‚


We made cloud shapes out of cotton balls, colored pictures of the different kinds of clouds, used shaving cream to make clouds, and ate marshmallows in honor of clouds. I colored clouds with white crayon on white paper, then the kids took turns painting a blue wash over the top to “magically” reveal the clouds. The kids also played a game where they used straws to blow cotton ball clouds across the table; they had a lot of fun, especially when “rain” was coming out of their straws (in the form of drool). šŸ™‚


We ended the cloud festivities by watching one of our favorite movies, “Up”. We had a great time pointing out all the various clouds we had learned about.

We’re excited to watch for all the different kinds of clouds this summer and take pictures of them for our cloud book (and look for animal shapes in the cumulus clouds)!

We didn’t have time to make a cloud mobile today, maybe another day šŸ™‚ We might check out some cloud books next week from the library (ie Little Cloud by Eric Carle, and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs).





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