A Day in Oak Harbor

Today was a LONG day! Still awesome though! We started off with our weekly trip to the library for new books and movies, then went grocery shopping. After naps we made our trek to Oak Harbor…


We spent an hour or so driving around, seeing where Jon grew up. It was so neat to see where he lived, went to school, and hung out. We stopped at Flintstone Park to stretch our legs…


The kids had fun, but they were a little more eager to get to our final destination: the drive-in!! The Blue Fox Drive-In had the perfect triple feature this week: Brave, Madagascar 3, and The Avengers. We did get there a little early, but we got a great spot and set up camp in the back of our van.


We brought our library books and the iPad to help keep the kids occupied. We also got to see our friends Mitchell and Tiffany there. We were so blessed that the rain stopped right when we got there and stayed away the rest of the time!


We got there at 6 and the movies don’t start until about 9:45 when it gets dark. Normally Laci and Jackson go to bed around 7 or 8, so they were very tired, but Elijah surprised us – he was the first to fall asleep and he slept the WHOLE time. Laci watched most of the first two movies. We ended up leaving after the second movie; as much as Jon and I wanted to see The Avengers, we knew our kids wouldn’t sleep past 8am. We prefer 5 hours of sleep over 2 or 3 🙂

We are loving the summer so far! We’re spending quality time together and it’s so great being purposeful with each day that we have together. So much better than floating aimlessly through the summer!

If you haven’t been to Blue Fox Drive-In, we highly suggest you go! It’s so much fun! Check out their website: http://www.bluefoxdrivein.com/


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