Blanket Forts & Oven S’mores

Tonight was a bit stressful and didn’t go completely as planned; I think everyone was tired and still recovering from yesterday’s adventure 🙂 We were going to have an indoor campout in the living room, but decided everyone should sleep in their own beds. So we started the evening off with an attempt at building a blanket fort. Jackson was not a fan of being inside the fort and it wasn’t structurally sound (apparently I’m not an expert blanket fort maker). After much crying in the failed fort and fighting over the flashlight, Laci said in her sweet little voice, “Daddy, can I have a snore?” I couldn’t help but laugh; the stress quickly subsided, and it was time to make our S’mores! We broiled our marshmallows on graham crackers in the oven, then added the chocolate and other graham cracker: perfection! The kids loved them.


Next, Jackson went to bed, and Jon saved the day and made a great fort; the four of us piled into the blanket fort and read books with a flashlight. Then we played one of our favorite family board games – Blokus.


Even though things didn’t go according to plan, we still had a good time together. I researched camping activities earlier in the day and wanted to share two awesome links (see below). We’ll do more of these when we have our own backyard to have a real campout in, but until then, no excuses! We’ll do what we can 🙂,0


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