Writing Haikus

Yesterday was a busy day, but we still made time for our daily activity: doing something nice for someone. We chose a close family friend, I wrote her a card, the kids colored her some pictures, we baked some homemade muffins, and bought flowers and a coffee gift card for her. It was a small way to show her our love, and to focus our eyes on someone else besides ourselves. It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day… love and time go a long way!

Today’s activities included writing haiku poems and blowing bubbles in the bathtub! 🙂

While Jackson napped, Elijah and Laci learned about haikus and wrote their own. We researched them online, watched a how-to video, read some examples, and then we put our knowledge to use! I helped them write two haikus each; the first one was about summer and the second was an animal one (a “What Am I” haiku). Then they typed their haikus on my laptop, we printed them up, and they colored pictures next to their haikus.




Since Jackson didn’t get to take part in this activity, he got his own special activity: blowing bubbles in the bathtub!



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