Puppet Show & Nature Walk

Today was an activity-packed day! We started off the morning with a trip to the Farmer’s Market, but then the rain started and shortened our trip. On the way home we stopped by Joanne’s to look for some craft kits. They had a whole section of kids summery crafts for $1 each! So we got some puppet kits; Elijah got a fish, Laci got a fairy, Jackson got a monkey, and we also got a lion. We went home and the big kids got to color their wooden puppets with little markers, and I assembled the jungle animals during Jackson’s nap. We spent the evening practicing our puppet show that we’ll perform soon for Jon. šŸ™‚




Another activity we did this afternoon (to follow up on yesterday’s camera skills class): we went on a nature walk around the neighborhood and took pictures of each color (red, orange, yellow, etc.). It was a neat experience, opening our eyes to what’s around us, and seeing all the beautiful colors God has created. I’m going to get some of the pictures developed next week and make a photo album for the kids to remember what they took pictures of!


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