Special Times with Loved Ones

Today was such a special day! This morning my dear friend Sonja came over and hung out with me and the kids. She is clothed with strength and dignity, and has such a sweet spirit of encouragement. I always feel loved and refreshed after talking with her. So glad I got to see her before she went home to Vegas!


Some other dear friends of ours, the Moors Family, are up from California, so we got to go see them this afternoon at Jennings Park in Marysville. My kids absolutely adore their kids, so they loved playing with them.


To end the day, Elijah and Laci got to go roller skating with their Papa Kevin, while Jackson and I went on a date 🙂 There’s a new frozen yogurt place in Burlington that we tried out. He had so much fun picking out all the toppings! And no date is complete without a trip to Walmart 😉 Jackson found a “bus” display that he had to have a picture with, and he also got to pick out a new shirt – it has a minion from Despicable Me, one of his favorite movies. And now we’re watching it! I’m sure he’ll be wearing his new shirt tomorrow 🙂



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