Our “Wild” Adventure

The last three days have been FULL of family activities! Our family has been together nonstop on a little trip… going a little crazy but it has been fun! On Sunday we ventured down to Eatonville and went to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. We had a blast!! Jackson was free to get in, and we had an Entertainment book coupon for a free admission for a youth, so that was nice. It was so neat seeing all the different animals in their natural habitats. The tram tour was especially fun, looking for the different animals in the free roaming area. Here was everyone’s favorite thing about NW Trek: Jackson – cool bus, Laci – bobcat, Elijah – tram tour, Jon – otters, Me – seeing the elk in the water on the tram tour.


On the way back we stopped at Southcenter and went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner (to stay with the animal theme). It was fun, although Jackson was a bit scared of the gorillas. Sunday night we camped out in my mom’s backyard in her tent trailer (my idea of camping, especially with little ones!)… We woke up bright and early Monday morning and went to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma. My mom went with us; it was such a memorable time! We had a picnic lunch, and got to see everything (except the tigers). I didn’t realize this zoo was much smaller than Woodland Park Zoo (where I used to go as a kid); hopefully we can visit there sometime next month. My mom bought the kids their own stuffed animal souvenir: Jackson got a meerkat, Laci picked a lemur, and Elijah chose an otter. We went back to my mom’s for another night of “camping”.




Today’s adventure was equally as exciting!! We met up with our dear friend, Stephanie, and had a picnic lunch at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. The kids played on the swings and other toys, and then we went on the ferry! Jackson is really into boats, trains and planes right now, so we wanted to take him on the “big boat”. It was loud at first, which startled him, but then he fell in love! He didn’t want to leave. The younger kids were free, so it was $13.05 for us to ride from Mukilteo to Clinton and back again. It took about an hour… time and money well spent for this family adventure!



Just over one more month of our “Summer of Fun” family activities. Plus we’re moving soon, so August will be a busy month for sure. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!! 🙂


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