Chameleons, Kittens & Birds

Today’s activity: visit a pet store. My husband and I aren’t that much into having pets (with the exception that Jon wants to get a dog), but our kids are animal lovers. So visiting the pet store is a family favorite, getting to see the variety of animals. Laci really wants a chameleon like Pascal in Disney’s Tangled, and everyone (except Mom) wants a dog. But today, we all fell in love with the kittens. They had two pairs of kittens today and I, for the first time, wanted to bring a pair of them home. The kittens were playful and adorable, and part of the adoption program at the pet store. I don’t think we’re “ready” yet, but the day may be coming sooner than later. We shall see!

Bonus activity for today: we finally played our homemade Angry Birds game. The kids loved it! But those pigs sure didn’t last long… Paint was chipping off everywhere. We’ll try a different kind of paint and some new cans once summer ends. Until then, we have an awesome Angry Birds ball to play with!!





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