Farmer’s Market & Melted Crayons

A quick stop at the Farmer’s Market this morning turned into a family adventure! We got our fruits and vegetables, and then got some treats and ate them on a bench by the river! 🙂


Our special treats: sweet hibiscus tea, lemon zucchini bread, and a snickerdoodle.


Another activity we did today: melted crayon creation. We’ve been collecting broken crayons for a few weeks now, and the sun was hot today!! We put a few crayons in different muffin cups with liners, and put the rest on construction paper on foil on a cookie sheet. We put both “creations” on our upstairs patio all afternoon. Here are the results:


Hoping to use the crayon muffins to color a picture. We’ll see if it works. Our other creation will be on display for a few days 🙂 You can definitely tell the difference between crayon brands… I think Crayola melts the best. While researching melted crayon art, I came across this link: We will try this one next time!

We also went to the park by our house today. The tire swing is a favorite!



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