Wenberg State Park

Today was HOT! Living in the Northwest, we’re used to rain and clouds, not 80-90 degree weather! After church, we went to Wenberg State Park on Lake Goodwin. We had a picnic lunch and spent time with friends. We attempted to go swimming in the lake but it was SO crowded. Laci, Elijah and I dipped our feet and then it was time for us to head home and try to escape the heat. We stopped at Jamba Juice for smoothies, freshened up at home, then went to Red Robin for dinner. We ended the evening with a trip to Walmart to shop for school supplies for the big kids!

It was so hot today that I forgot to take pictures at the lake!! Here are a couple from Red Robin, along with proof of the extreme heat 🙂


Note: Wenberg State Park is actually Wenberg County Park. There is a $7 parking fee; I’m pretty sure you can’t use your Discover Pass because it’s a county park. It was free for us though because the parking lot was full and we had to walk 🙂 Praise the Lord our good friend lives a mile from the park!


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