Family Movie Night

Tonight we had a family movie night! We rented “The Lorax”! It came out today; our family saw it in the theater and loved it!! Here’s a tip: although RedBox didn’t have it today, DVDXpress did! So it was only a $1.30 with tax for a day.


We made popcorn for the movie (Jackson had Cheerios & Goldfish, and stole a few pieces of popcorn of course). I watched a video on YouTube about a month ago from Joy Bauer “What the heck are you eating?”… The question: “Is microwave popcorn toxic?” (Watch it here: I watched the video not wanting to believe what Joy was saying, but the solution was so simple! So now, instead of buying and eating microwave packets of popcorn, we bought a bag of kernels, put 1/4 cup into a brown paper bag, and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. I spray a tiny bit of olive oil spray and add a little salt, and it’s delicious and chemical free! Give it a try 🙂

After the movie we made s’mores…


Elijah is still camping with his Grandparents, that’s why he’s not in the pictures. But I know he’s having fun without us… he got to go swimming at the pool and he made s’mores too!


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