An Afternoon in Anacortes

You can watch our video blog for this adventure on YouTube: 🙂

Our dear friends, the Luster’s, were in town from Florida, so we met up with them today to share some adventures in Anacortes. We stopped at The Store Grocery and picked up some amazing muffins. If you haven’t had them before, you should go get one! Jon got the Triple Chocolate Silk and the kids and I shared the Chocolate Frenzy. We drove over to Cap Sante Viewpoint to eat our muffins. We sat on the rocks; it was a little nerve wracking with the kids being so close to the edge, but the views were breathtaking! It was totally worth it. There was also a huge rock “slide” that the kids all went down. They were so brave!


Next we went to Washington Park. The kids (and Jon) played on the playground. There was a nice picnic area and more great views of the water. There’s a two mile loop that you can drive or walk through at Washington Park. We decided to drive. We stopped at one of the lookouts along the way for a few pictures. There was a tree that the kids got to climb. And Jackson loved seeing all the boats!


To end our adventure in Anacortes, we went to the John Storvik Playground on 32nd. The kids had a BLAST! There was so much to do!! We could have easily spent hours there. And fortunately it wasn’t too sunny and it was about 4pm so it wasn’t very crowded at all.

We were so blessed to spend that time with the Luster family! We’ve never been to Anacortes for a family day so it was an extra bonus that the Luster’s could show us around. All in all we spent $7.50 (for 2 muffins and a tip), and it lasted about 3 hours. We had such a great time!


But the day didn’t end there! Jon’s brother was also in town, visiting from Spokane, so we went down to Jon’s parents to see him. We all got to sit down together for a nice family dinner. Afterwards, Laci got to learn some things on the piano with her Uncle Chris, and Elijah got to play guitar with him.



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