Pet Rocks

Today’s activity: collect rocks and paint to look like bugs. Jon found us some neat shaped rocks; we each picked one and started painting! We chose to paint animals & people instead of bugs. Elijah’s kinda looked like an alligator head, so he started painting his green. Jon helped with some of the smaller details…


Laci wanted to make a girl, and she started with purple. I helped her a bit with the facial features and hair…


Jackson just wanted to paint! So we made a guy. He reminds me of someone off Sesame Street…


Jon’s turned out pretty awesome! He made a cheetah by a bush…


And lastly, me, I made an owl. My rock started with an owl shape, and I had seen a few pics of owl rocks on Pinterest. While mine no way compares to those I’ve pinned, I still think he’s pretty cute.


Here’s our pet rock family…


We’re hoping to decorate the garden with them when we move to our new house 🙂


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