Shop ‘Til You Drop

One of our activities today was school clothes shopping. After church, we met my mom at the outlet mall in Marysville to get some shoes for the kids. Elijah has really wide feet so we usually get his shoes at Stride Rite. They had a great sale today (buy one, get one 50% off). Just to warn you if you head over there – lots of construction and a full parking lot! But there is a parking garage on the West side; we found quite a few spots on the upper level.

We finished up our school clothes shopping later in the afternoon. We also completed a “Shopping Mission”, one of my favorite family adventures. Usually on a shopping mission, everyone gets to buy one special item (though sometimes it’s just for the kids). We’ve done themes before, like matching hats, or California/sunshine. Today’s goal was to spend about $5 per person, and try to find the best deal (save the most money).

Our first stop was Macy’s. We had returned a shirt there last week, so we had just over $11 on an EZ exchange card. We found Jackson a zip-up hoodie, marked down from $20 to $15. We got up to the register and found out it was on sale for $10! So the gift card covered it (I like to think of it as being free)!

Next we went to Kohl’s. I love shopping their clearance racks. And we had a 15% savings pass from a mailing. Jon got a pair of board shorts for $6.80, normally $40. And Laci got a cute little owl shirt for $3.74, normally priced at $22.

We went to Ross, just to see what we could find… Elijah picked a shirt that was $5.99, normally $22. I looked at every store for new earrings, but just couldn’t find a good deal. So on our last stop to Walmart, I found a 6-pair pack for $5.88.


With tax, our total for the shopping mission came to just under $25, so we were under our goal of spending $5 per person. My favorite part: we saved over $75 on our 5 items. Gotta love a good deal!!


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