We went bowling today! I don’t think we’ve gone together as a family yet, so it was a fun, new experience. We went to the bowling alley in Mount Vernon. It was very clean, and quiet. We went in the middle of the day; there were only 2 or 3 other families there. It was perfect! The game cost $2 per person instead of $4 each because we went before 4pm, so that was an added bonus. (Shoe rentals were $2.25 per person, bringing our grand total to $21.25.) They put the bumpers up for the kids so we could avoid the dreaded gutter ball. Jackson also got to use this neat contraption to help him bowl (I had never seen one before). Everyone (except Laci) got a spare at one point, and Jon also got a strike! Laci got a strike went she went bowling a few months ago with her preschool, so I think she expected to get one this time. She was very disappointed when she didn’t get a strike or spare, but I told her we’d just have to go bowling again soon. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes for the five of us to bowl one game. Note for next time: don’t go during Jackson’s nap time. He got a little restless towards the end. Other than that, we had a great time!



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