Fun on the Farm

Today’s three-hour adventure was packed full of fun, new experiences! For lunch, we had a quick picnic at Edgewater Park. The kids had sandwiches & pretzels, and Jon & I split a meal from Kelley’s BBQ ( It was AMAZING!!

Then we headed out to the Berry Barn off Highway 20. There was a Groupon deal last month for half off their Hedge Maze (5 people for only $10). We went and had a wonderful time getting lost in the trees! We learned about berries, found all the stations, went down the super-fast slide, and made it out of the maze alive! 🙂 There was also a rope maze right next to it; we did that, boys vs. girls… Elijah joined our team midway through (I think to distract us), so Jon & Jackson made it to the finish first. (


After our time at the Berry Barn, we stopped at Schuh Farms for ice cream cones. We got to sit outside there and enjoy our treat. It was so beautiful & peaceful!


To end our adventure, we went to downtown Mount Vernon. We stopped at Sprouts Clothing, my favorite consignment shop for kids ( We had a leftover credit of $6 that we wanted to use up before we moved, so Laci & Elijah each got a shirt for school. Then we went next door to Ristretto, one of our favorite coffee shops in Skagit Valley (

This family adventure was definitely one of the best we’ve had yet!! Click here to watch our video blog for this adventure on YouTube!


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