Bird Feeders & Glow Sticks

I realized today that summer is quickly coming to a close, and we have so many fun activities still to do!! So today we did two 🙂

For the first, we made bird feeders! We gathered pine cones, the kids used spoons to spread peanut butter on them, and then they rolled them in birdseed. We got a 4lb bag of birdseed from Walmart for around $2, so we have plenty left over to feed the birds again! Jon tied some string around our homemade bird feeders and hung them outside from a tree. The kids can’t wait to do some bird-watching tomorrow!


For our second activity, the kids got to have glow sticks in the bathtub! It sounds simple, and it is, and the kids LOVED it! They thought it was so cool to have a bath in the dark with some glow sticks. We’ll definitely be doing this again. We had two necklace glow sticks leftover from an activity last month, and we got a pack of 12 bracelets from Walmart for $1. Great deal, tons of fun!!



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