Summer of Fun 2016: June Recap

We have this thing we do as a family called “Summer of Fun”… basically every day over summer break we do something different, as a family, that’s fun! It could be an art project, an outdoor adventure, a yummy treat, etc. My original inspiration came from this blog I found back in 2012. It was our starting point, and our version has changed and morphed over the past few years. I used to spend weeks leading up to summer break planning out each day. This summer I was fairly overwhelmed by the task, so we’re being a little more… spontaneous. We may plan a certain day a little in advance, or we may just decide what to do the day of. As long as we do something fun, as a family, every day this summer… and take at least one picture of it. 🙂 Our daily adventures definitely help pass the time! They also help to ensure that we’re making memories together in the midst of this crazy, wonderful life.

Here’s our “Summer of Fun 2016” recap for the month of June!


June 16th: Cupcake Adventure with the boys (while the girls were at Grandma & Papa’s)! We have the BEST cupcake shop in town, That Takes The Cake… their gluten-free ones are AMAZING – you can’t even tell they’re GF. The owners were having a contest that morning, and our boys won a 4 pack of cupcakes that they gave away (for “Pay It Forward Thursday”)… What a fun way to kick off our summer break!

6.16 (2)


June 17th: We rode the Bainbridge Ferry and ventured up to the Sun Deck (our youngest hates how windy it is up there… since she wasn’t with us, we took advantage of the opportunity)! The boys thought it was pretty cool! It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride!



June 18th: The girls had their “Frozen in Summer” birthday party with our extended family! We also got to have a Father’s Day BBQ for dinner. A fun-filled day for sure!

6.18 IMG_4190


June 19th: We went to Port Williams to walk along the beach and throw rocks!



June 20: We went to our local library to get signed up for their Summer Reading Program… each of the kids got to pick a new book!

6.20 IMG_4293


June 21: Froyo at Costco!

6.21 IMG_4044 6.21 IMG_4045


June 22: We thought we’d try a new item from the produce department… plantains! Since we were grilling up homemade turkey burgers and zucchini, we grilled up the plantains too! (It received mixed reviews from the fam.)

6.22 IMG_3463


June 23: Time for a Tea Party… in our pajamas! The kids had chocolate while I had tea, and we shared some freshly baked banana bread. The best part though – we got to FaceTime Jon while he was on a lunch break at the office, so he didn’t have to miss out! He even drank some tea 🙂 One of our top favorites from June!

IMG_4055 IMG_4062


June 24: The “big kids” were off to their grandparents’ for the weekend, so we went to Safeway with the “littles” and sipped some Starbucks while we shopped!

6.24 IMG_4169


June 25: Riding bikes with Dad (while Mom pulled weeds)!

6.25 IMG_4214


June 26: Ava got to help Jackson with his summer job of feeding cats, and then they took turns on Jackson’s motorcycle!


IMG_4130 IMG_4133


June 27: Indoor Camp-out!



June 28: The big kids came home, and we celebrated with popsicles in the backyard!



June 29: Family Game Night! We played Six Cubes, and Elijah won!



June 30: We picked up some gluten-free treats from Bell Street Bakery and ate them at Jon’s office!



That’s all for June! We can’t wait to share our moments from July with you! Until then, we hope you’re inspired to have some “Summer of Fun” moments with the ones you love!



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