Summer of Fun 2016: August Recap

It’s a bittersweet thing… My kids are back in school, and our “Summer of Fun” has officially come to an end! Here’s a look back at some of our highlights from the month of August!


August 1st: All about Volcanoes! We researched volcanoes and then made some with baking soda and vinegar 🙂




August 2nd: National Coloring  Book Day! So glad we have a Dollar Tree nearby!



August 3rd: We celebrated National Watermelon Day with some watermelon/lime slushies!



August 4th: Today the kids helped me organize the pantry, and then we made Reese’s Pieces cookie bars!



August 5th: We went to the tidepools with some friends to search for sand dollars. It was quite the adventure! My youngest two did NOT like walking through the seaweed and soft sand. My older two had much more fun!



August 6th: National Root Beer Float Day! YUM!!



August 7th: A friend gave us a kit to make bouncy balls!


August 8th: The kids had a special visit from their Papa this morning! Later in the day, we made some produce paint prints!




August 9th: Jon and the kids finger-painted while listening to classical music! Picasso’s painting of “Three Musicians” and his style of cubism were their inspiration!



August 10th: We played with Pablo tiles, and celebrated National S’mores Day!




August 11th: Today we went on a walk and to the river with friends!




August 12th: We mailed postcards to some of our dear friends who live in another state! This was such an inexpensive and fun activity… our local Walmart had postcards for 18 cents each, and we already had the postcard stamps!



August 13th: We did a water balloon toss! First, the kids took turns throwing their color of balloons into a bowl. Next, we paired up to see who could toss the balloon the longest without popping their balloons! Ava was my partner, and once she figured out that my feet could get wet from the balloons, that became her goal! ðŸ™‚



August 14th: Today we played Legos. For a long time. We also put together a cute bird feeder with a Mason jar and chick feeder!


August 15th: Today was Day 1 of VBS at our church! The kids had such a fun week!



August 16th: We found gluten-free ice cream cones! In our small town! They do exist! A whole 12 pack for under $3! So today, we ate ice cream. In cones. 🙂



IMG_5670(As in most of Ava’s pictures with food, she did NOT want to say cheese. She just wanted to eat her yummy food.)


August 17th: I surprised the kids with prizes from the dollar store! 🙂



August 18th: Today was Jon’s birthday! After VBS, the kids and I spent the afternoon decorating and getting ready for his special birthday dinner!



August 19th: We celebrated National Aviation Day by making paper airplanes! We held some outdoor contests to see which plane could fly the farthest, the fastest, and perform the most tricks.



August 20th: Pool time in the backyard!



August 21st: Today we went to an all-church picnic and carnival for the kids!



August 22nd: We call this activity “Create-a-Story”… We work as a team, writing a story together, taking turns to give our two cents. We used Story Cubes to inspire our word choice. Then Ava illustrated the story for us!


August 23rd: Today we painted rocks!



August 24th: National Waffle Day! While I had intended to get up early and make some homemade GF Belgian waffles, one of our kids had an appointment to get to… So thankful we had one more box of GF Eggo waffles in the freezer!



August 25th: We went on a color hunt in the backyard! We made a list of colors, and worked together to find them! (We had trouble finding purple… until we looked at Ava!)


August 26th: Jon and I went out of town for the weekend, so each of the kids got to have an adventure of their own with different friends! Everyone took homemade banana bread and fresh picked lavender to their host home 🙂



August 27th: Grandma Tami and Aunt Lea-Anne came over to babysit for the rest of the weekend. The kids had a blast! Plus, they got to go up to Hurricane Ridge!


August 28th: We went to JC Penny to do a little shopping for school clothes!



August 29th: Today we got to go to the Museum of Flight in Seattle! (Thank you Dad & Debbie!) We have a couple plane lovers in our family, and this was a wonderful adventure for all of us!


August 30th: Two of our kids had Open House at their school, and afterward we stopped by Safeway for a special treat!



August 31st: We celebrated the first day of school (and the end of our summer!) with homemade GF maple bacon donuts!! Here’s the base recipe I used 🙂




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